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First let me say thanks for visiting my modest little place on the internet and I hope you enjoy whatever time you spend here.

The internet in general is a great place to find “experts” of all kinds and the internet knife world is no exception. Some of these “experts” probably are in fact expert at one or more phases of some knife related subject, others probably are not. There is a lot of information out there posted on the knife forums, web sites, blogs, etc. but you have to wade through a quagmire to get to the solid ground of good information. The thing about the internet is that just about anybody with a computer and who is able to get online can potentially share his or her opinions, beliefs, or information good or bad with thousands of others.

I am a good example of the above last sentence. I wrote this, posted it to my blog, and now you are reading it. But, I am no “expert” when it comes to knife related subjects; in fact, the longer I live the more that I am convinced that I am not an expert on any subject at all. I am of course pleased that you are reading my blog, but please keep the following in mind. What I choose to post to my blog, unless otherwise stated, merely reflects my observances, opinions, thoughts, findings, likes, dislikes, etc.

I am just exercising my right to free speech by blogging about a subject that interests me. I encourage you to do the same on your own blog.
Bill North

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