Kershaw Leek

The Kershaw Ken Onion Leek model 1660 is a relatively small and thin, all metal frame lock pocket knife that utilizes an assisted opening mechanism.


Specs obtained from the Kershaw site indicate the following: Leek model number 1660, Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel, blade length 3”, closed length 4”, handle material 410 stainless steel, weight 3 oz., and made in the USA.

Thanks to the assisted opening feature it is really easy to open with either the thumb stud, or by using your forefinger to pull back on the raised portion of the blade protruding from the spine of the handle. For me, the index finger method is the easiest and the one that I prefer.

I like the positive, satisfying snap that the blade makes when reaching its locked open position. There is no play in the blade when it is locked open and the frame lock is easy to operate with the thumb. The knife is very easy to open or close with one hand.

DSC_5259 copy

The Leek has a pocket clip that the Kershaw site describes as being removable or reversible. I don’t use the clip and instead just drop the knife into my pocket. I discovered however that there is a potential downside to carrying the knife in my pocket with other items. The tip area of the blade is thin enough that when at rest in the handle there is a gap on either side that a dime sized coin fits right in. It is possible that the coin can be forced into the narrower areas of the blade to handle gap and make the Leek hard to open.

I have not done enough cutting with the example that I own to make any judgments as to cutting ability, edge holding, or ease of re-sharpening, but as to what I have experienced so far, I do like the knife.

copyright Bill North 2013