Mercator K55K Black Cat Knife

DSC_5923My K55K knife after a few months of use.

The Mercator K55K is a relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated folding knife that has been produced in Solingen, Germany for decades. It is of all metal construction with the handle/frame of the knife being formed by the expedient method of folding a piece of sheet steel into a U shape.

The blade locks in the open position and is easily released for closing by pushing the release located on the spine of the handle. The blade on mine is carbon steel, spear point in shape, about 3 ½” long and .104 thick at the ricasso. The knife is 7 13/16” in length in the open position.

The handle is very thin measuring about .250 excluding the rivet/pin heads that protrude slightly above the surrounding handle material. There is a lanyard bail or loop at the rear of the handle which is something that I could do without but I guess others want such a feature. To me the loop is just in the way. The handle seems to me to be designed for fast, efficient construction and not for comfort during heavy or prolonged use. The thin, flat handle shape makes this knife comfortable to carry.

The blade opens and closes smoothly and the nail nick is not really needed as the blade opens easily enough when just grasped between the thumb and fore finger, at least that is true on my example. The blade lock is positive and can be easily released when desired. When the blade is opened and the lock engages there is a positive sounding, satisfying click. The lock works well and there is no play between blade and lock on my knife when in the locked position. Despite protruding from the back of the handle the blade lock release does not interfere with or cause any discomfort when the knife is grasped for normal use.

I think that this knife offers excellent value at moderate cost in dollars and it works well for me performing the ordinary daily chores that I use a pocket knife for. These tasks include but are not limited to opening the mail, opening shipping boxes and then cutting the boxes down, opening plastic packaging, cutting cord and rope, cutting small sticks, cutting tape, cutting food, etc.


My Mercator seemed to hold an edge better after a re-sharpening, maybe this was my imagination or perhaps there was a little decarb area on the edge. I don’t know but I do know I am happy with its performance at the tasks I ask of it now.

My Black Cat is not the least expensive knife that I own but it is getting close. I won’t go so far to say that I love it, but I really do like it a lot.
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