Victorinox One Hand Trekker

DSC_5946Victorinox One Hand Trekker

I am a big fan of Victorinox made pocket knives and multi-tools. I own several and have finally found one that I really don’t like all that much. It is the One Hand Trekker model multi-bladed knife.

My knife weighs 4.6 oz., and the main blade is 3 3/8” long and .096 thick at the ricasso, the knife is 4 3/8” long closed and .715 thick.

This knife has a Spyderco type hole in a hump in the blade to allow one hand opening. When it comes to opening, the hole in the blade is where the similarity to Spyderco ends. The blade does lock in the open position but it is not easy for me to open with either hand although it can be done. It lacks the smoothness and ease of operation of the Spydercos that I have owned. In addition the blade opens and closes with a draggy, mushy feel and does not have much of a positive, snapping into place sound at either end of travel.

The handle feels slick and is not what I would want to use with wet hands or hands made slippery from dressing fish, game, or handling food. I think that overall the knife would be made much better and safer feeling in use if the handle slabs had some sort of texture.

I do like the size, the included tools, the tweezers, and the toothpick, but overall the knife does not leave me with an impression of solid durability. The tip of the blade is not pointy or sharp at all and so would be useless at tasks requiring a keen point.

And now a comical note: At the time I ordered the knife I also ordered the Victorinox brand belt case that the dealer recommended for it. When I received the knife and case I noticed that the case was waaaaaaaay too large. I knew and I am sure the dealer knew that it was unlikely that I would invest either the time or money to return the case. Also I kept it because the idea that it was supposed to fit the knife was entertaining to me. That someone would ship something that fit that badly was just a joke and told me something about the shipper that had said that this case fit this knife.

I have included a picture of the case with the Trekker in it as well as a Victorinox Farmer (which is a knife I really like). I have taken the photograph with the knives partially withdrawn so that the viewer can see them both. This gives the viewer some idea of the size of the case. Both knives fit in it nicely.


So I guess that what this all adds up to is that I have a knife that I don’t like and a case that doesn’t fit the knife I don’t like. But, I can get two multi-blade knives into the case should the need for that remote possibility arise.

copyright Bill North 2013