Watermarking my photos

I post photographs here on my blog and occasionally on knife related online forums. Not that my images are of the finest quality, or that I imagine that many others would want to steal them, but they are my pictures and I want to control access and usage of them as much as possible. And so, I often watermark them. Of course watermarking does not always entirely stop theft though it certainly discourages it.

Recently I received a negative comment about my photographs because of the watermarks. A recent example was that a poster said that it was a “shame” I had text on top of the two following images.

eye brand stockman2 copy eye brand stockman copy

This puzzles me. Why is it a “shame”? What pertinent information does the watermark block from view?  Or does it mean that others can’t easily steal my photographs thus avoiding the trouble of taking his or her own photos, or obtaining copies of my photos (although I don’t know why they would want them), through appropriate means?

To me it is an enigma, although I suspect that it has to do with people wanting to obtain things easily and for free.

Since I am unable to solve this puzzle I believe that the best course of action is to stop wasting time on it and just continue watermarking my photos. So that’s what I’ll do.

Bill North

Street photography 3

I have previously published two posts with “street photography” in the title so I am going to start numbering the street photography posts since I am apparently too lazy to think up catchy titles for each post.

My mobility is somewhat limited so I started taking this type of picture using longer focal length lenses than are traditionally used by “street” photographers. Now days I use a large DSLR and 70-200 mm lens almost exclusively for this type of photography. I like that I am able to isolate subjects with it and can get many candid pictures because I am not right in the subjects face where they become very aware of the camera. The down side to this lens is its physical size which of course calls attention to the photographer. People are more curious and guarded if they think that you might be a professional photographer than if you appear to be just another tourist with a point and shoot. Sometime in the future I believe that I will make the move to a smaller non SLR camera for this type of photography.

DSC_8949 copyblogWoman in the window. ISO-800, f/11, 1/250 sec.

DSC_6178black white copy blogWhite wig. ISO-640, f/8, 1/200 sec.

Jerry Fisk bowie with Mother of Pearl

Jerry Fisk is one of my favorite knife makers. He is not only an excellent craftsman but a pleasure to be acquainted with because of his insight and well developed sense of humor. He is an ABS Mastersmith and has been named a National Living Treasure, hence the “NLT” engraved just behind the guard.

Each year Jerry has what he calls “A Micro Show” at his shop in Arkansas. Jerry made and engraved the knife shown in today’s post for this year’s micro show. I like the style of the knife and am partial to pearl.

I’ll let Jerry describe it in his own words:

“This is my version of a simple California style bowie. A+ grade thick Mother of Pearl framed handle, deep relief engraving on the stainless mounts with a bit of gold work. Dog star pattern Damascus blade is 8 5/8 inch long.”


In his description he uses the word “simple, I would disagree with that because to me there is way too much knifemaking sophistication displayed here to be called “simple”.

Jerry’s website is www.jerryfisk.com

Bill North

More street photography

Here are a couple more street photography type pictures. The tattooed girl had screaming red hair and yellow framed sunglasses and I loved the color so it was a struggle for me to convert the picture to black and white. But right or wrong I did. ISO-400, f.6.3, 1/250 sec.

DSC_7504 blog

The man sitting on the curb was shot at ISO-400, f/6.3, and 1/320 sec.

DSC_5932 blog

Knife related pictures from a few years ago

I have started organizing the knife related pictures that I have taken over the years. Here are a few:moran shop 2005 800wideA visitor in front of Bill Moran’s shop in 2004

moran 2005 blogBill Moran at the Blade Show in 2005

fisk 2004 blogThe man his own self Jerry Fisk doing an edge geometry demonstration at the Moran hammer-in in 2004

adam cuts 2005 800 blogAdam DesRosiers removing the tops of water bottles in the cutting competition at Blade in 2005.

reggie cuts apple 2005 copyReggie Barker cleanly halves an apple in 2005

Street photography

I have added a photography section to the Northedge and this is the first post in that section. I have started developing an interest in street photography and the pictures today are a couple that I took in the town where I live.

DSC_5536 copyblogMan sleeping on the steps of the Federal Courthouse. ISO-400, 1/400 sec., f/5.6.

DSC_3700 copyblogMan in hard rain. ISO-4000, 1/60th sec., f/6.3. It was in late afternoon and the weather made the scene pretty dark overall and hence the high ISO setting. It was that or not much picture at all because the shot was hand held.

A little Wade Coulter friction folder knife

DSC_6223-2 copyWade Coulter friction folder

This melding of knifemaking skills and folk art by Wade Coulter is only 5 ¾” overall when open. The antler handle is slotted for the blade which opens and closes smoothly. The pretty little Damascus blade is file worked on the spine and the spine is stamped “W C “.

DSC_6225-2 copy

I’m not sure that this knife would be classified as a “goblin” folder but the butt of the handle is carved with a grotesque face.

DSC_6233 copyCarving on the butt of the Wade Coulter knife