ABS Mastersmith Kevin Cashen Bowie Knife

Today’s blog post is about a beautiful damascus, clip point Bowie knife by ABS Mastersmith Kevin Cashen. I am sad to say that it is not mine, but it does belong to a friend of mine and it did get to stay with me for a while. I considered keeping the knife long enough that he might forget about it which by the way has almost worked in the past, but realizing that was unlikely to work in this instance, I returned it.

DSC_6281-4 copyKevin Cashen Bowie Knife

The knife is just over 15 ½” overall in length and the 10 ½” blade is 1 ¾” wide at the widest point. The blade, guard, and pommel cap are made from O1 and L6 damascus. To me the steel has a more restrained and refined look than many of the bright and flashy Damascus steels being made today. The handle is made from what I believe is African Blackwood, but since I am for the greatest part uninformed when it comes wood species, I may be wrong about that. The handle is very comfortable in the hand and each side has a panel of carved texturing.

DSC_6286-2 copy

DSC_6292 copy

The distally tapered blade and comfortable handle give the knife a light, well balanced, fast feeling in the hand. The owner described the feeling this way, “If you absolutely had to be in a Bowie knife fight this feels like the kind of knife you would want”. He’s right, this knife feels really great in the hand and it cuts just as well as it feels.

More of Kevin Cashen’s work can be seen at: http://www.cashenblades.com/

Bill North