Three pictures from a bright, chilly November morning

Window. 50mm 1.8, ISO-200, f/11, 1/1000 sec.DSC_7823-Edit copy

Blue sky through cracks. 50mm 1.8, ISO 800, f/16, 1/50 sec.DSC_7891 copy

Rust. 50mm, ISO-200, f/8, 1/100 sec.DSC_7834-Edit

Another night picture of Pack Square in Asheville, NC

Here is another night picture of Pack Square in Asheville, NC. taken shortly after sunset. The BB&T building is on the far right and at the far left is the Asheville Art Museum. The Vance monument is just out of sight to the left. The headlight trails starting on the left are from cars coming up Biltmore Ave. ISO-200, f/20, 8 seconds exposure, 17mm.


Four more doors

Four more doors. I have posted pictures of other doors in the past but these pictured today are less well maintained than those in the previous post. Two of those shown no longer exist and I doubt the other two will make it much longer. In one instance the building itself no longer stands…..things change.

DSC_2407 copy



crumble door copy

Another fire truck at night with light trails

This image shows the light trails from a fire truck returning to its station. It backed into its resting place entering through the open center door shown in the photo.

ISO-200, f/20, 8 second exposure.DSC_8183 copy

Fire truck at night, light trails

With lights flashing a fire truck passes by the camera. 17mm, ISO-200, 5 sec. exposure, f/20.

DSC_8164 copy

Asheville, NC street after dark

The moon rises over buildings in Asheville. Starting on the right: the Asheville Police and Fire Department building, Pack’s Tavern, and the Asheville City Building. The light trails are left by automobile lights.

ISO-200, f/20, 6 second exposure.DSC_8053-6 copy

Pack Square in Asheville, NC after dark

ISO-200, f/20, 6 seconds exposure.DSC_8056-2 copyPack square after dark looking west. Asheville Art Museum on the left, Vance Monument and the BB&T building on the right. It is November so the fountain in the lower right corner has been drained of water.

Three pictures in color

The hand with its pointing index finger shown below is something that I have photographed several times. As can be seen in the photo is becoming degraded but it still catches my attention when I pass it.DSC_7643 copy

A friend of mine tends a burning brush pile using his tractor. His image is distorted by the hot air rising from the fire.bob brush burning

The blue sky is reflected in the windows of this windows reflection

Cliché reflection photograph today.

I think that this may be the most cliché, photographed-to- death, scene in Asheville, NC. Never the less, I am posting my version of it today for those of you that for whatever reason might be interested in seeing it. The picture shows the Jackson building (a local landmark) reflected in the windows of the Biltmore Building (another local landmark).

ISO-400, f/7.1, 1/160 sec., 28-70 at 34mm.

DSC_7921 copyJackson Building reflection