Problems with Lightroom training video that I bought online

For some time I have been following the tutorials posted on YouTube by a French photographer named Serge Ramelli. It seems to me that the YouTube tutorials are his way of creating interest for his business of selling training videos on his website, and on December 22 of last year I decided to try one of the training videos from his site that required payment. He was offering a discount over the holidays and the price was very reasonable I thought and I considered buying more than one but thankfully decided to try just one initially.

Let me preface the following by saying that in recent years I have purchased many videos, eBooks, etc. online and have always been able to open them after downloading. I paid for the Serge Ramelli video and at once received a link to download the video but after downloading, it wouldn’t open. The email also contained a link to a program to unzip the file which I then downloaded but the file still would not open. At this point I sent Mr. Ramelli an email explaining the situation and asking for my money to please be refunded. In response to my email I did not get my money refunded but only another set of links to try, which I did and was still not able to open the file. On December 23rd I made another polite request to please have my money returned but only received yet another set of links which I did not try. I sent Mr. Ramelli an email that I thought to be polite but explaining my frustration. I said that I did not know whether the problem was on his end or my end but that the experience was not a pleasurable one for me and that I was through trying to get the video to open.

Believing that Mr. Ramelli was for whatever reason not going to refund my money I filed a dispute with the company that had handled the electronic payment and when that failed I escalated the dispute to a claim. You may wonder why I would go to so much trouble for $27.00 dollars. The answer is simple, it was my $27.00 dollars and I felt that Mr. Ramelli had taken it, and that through no fault of my own and despite having twice asked politely for a refund, I had received nothing in return. It seemed like such a relatively small sum that I was puzzled why he would not return it which seems to me like customer service 101. Today, January 10th the company that  handled the electronic transaction refunded my money.

As far as learning something about Lightroom goes, there are many excellent, free videos available on the internet and there is probably very little need to pay for the information unless one just wants to. At the very least, a great deal of information is available for free. The following are few links to videos presented by B&H and Adorama which deal with enhancing photos in Lightroom, and I’m confident that searching would turn up many more.

And one more excellent source: Julieanne Kost’s blog:

For what it’s worth I know someone that uses an Apple system and that has purchased videos from Mr. Ramelli and they work just fine for that person. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am using Microsoft Windows, I don’t know but what should have been such a simple thing turned into a time waster for me. For whatever reason I could not open the file and Mr. Ramelli made it a struggle for me to get my money returned. Like I said in the opening paragraph, I’m glad I decided to try just one…….