Opinel paring knife, the most unassuming knife in my house.

I am a knife enthusiast; I see them as particularly interesting and useful tools. There are many knives of many types and price ranges in my house. I am interested in their design, the processes by which they are made, and the materials that they are made from. Today something interesting, (at least to me), struck me The thing that I realized was that what is probably the most unassuming knife in my house, is unquestionably one of the most used.

The knife I am speaking of is not the product of some custom maker, neither is it made from exotic materials, nor is it of some radical design. It is a sharpened piece of thin carbon steel secured into a slot in a wooden handle by two pins. It is the modest Opinel paring knife.

opinel paring

The carbon steel blade is 3 ¾” long and .630” at the widest point. The spine of the blade measures just .056” immediately ahead of the handle slabs, and the blade is .023” thick measured .250” back from the cutting edge. The thin blade is a great little cutter and the edge is easy to bring back by stropping or touching up lightly on a stone. The knife is light, less than one ounce in weight.

This knife gets used almost every day in the kitchen; it’s small, easy to use size and easy to maintain edge makes it a favorite of mine. I really like this little knife; in fact, I like it so much I have two.

©Bill North 2014