There is a tattoo shop in the town where I live that has an exterior wall that over time has had several different murals painted on it.  Here are three of them.

DSC_7663 copy DSC_0543 DSC_8717-2 copy


Pink Plemmons store in Luck, North Carolina

DSC_8172-4 copy

The Pink Plemmons store in Luck, North Carolina on a snowy day. Luck is in Madison County in the western, mountainous section of the state. To read a little about the store which closed years ago click the following link:,2145959

Three pictures in color

The hand with its pointing index finger shown below is something that I have photographed several times. As can be seen in the photo is becoming degraded but it still catches my attention when I pass it.DSC_7643 copy

A friend of mine tends a burning brush pile using his tractor. His image is distorted by the hot air rising from the fire.bob brush burning

The blue sky is reflected in the windows of this windows reflection