Trucks at night, long exposure

Last night my friends at WNC Paving were working on a road in Haywood County,  North Carolina which gave me a good opportunity to do some night photography. This picture was a fifteen second exposure, 17mm, ISO-500, f/11. I fired a flash when the dump truck that I wanted to freeze was in front of the camera.

Star trails and airplanes

Star trails looking north from last night. The dotted lines crossing the trails are from airplanes. Nikon 28-70mm @ 28mm, ISO-200, f/2.8, 300 30 sec. exposures stacked.


Star trails circling the North Star in the night sky.

198 30 second second exposures stacked using StarStax (a free program). The diagonal dotted line is an airplane. The slight gap in the trails occurred when the battery died and I had to change it.


Something flew through my star trail picture

Tonight after dark I set my camera on the tripod outside my house and pointed it toward the sky. I started it clicking away and went inside to wash dishes and stay warm. After the battery died and I downloaded the images and stacked them, I was surprised to see the streak of light that starts at the lower left and goes to the right and up at a slight angle. I don’t think its a plane since their lights usually blink. Maybe a shooting star, anyway I missed it while I was washing dishes…