Watermarking my photos

I post photographs here on my blog and occasionally on knife related online forums. Not that my images are of the finest quality, or that I imagine that many others would want to steal them, but they are my pictures and I want to control access and usage of them as much as possible. And so, I often watermark them. Of course watermarking does not always entirely stop theft though it certainly discourages it.

Recently I received a negative comment about my photographs because of the watermarks. A recent example was that a poster said that it was a “shame” I had text on top of the two following images.

eye brand stockman2 copy eye brand stockman copy

This puzzles me. Why is it a “shame”? What pertinent information does the watermark block from view?  Or does it mean that others can’t easily steal my photographs thus avoiding the trouble of taking his or her own photos, or obtaining copies of my photos (although I don’t know why they would want them), through appropriate means?

To me it is an enigma, although I suspect that it has to do with people wanting to obtain things easily and for free.

Since I am unable to solve this puzzle I believe that the best course of action is to stop wasting time on it and just continue watermarking my photos. So that’s what I’ll do.

Bill North